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#OaklandUndivided (#OU) is a citywide effort to close the digital divide in Oakland for good. #OU is committed to ensure every qualifying Oakland public school student will continue to have home access for the 2021-2 school year to:

(1) a loaner laptop for home use,

(2) reliable internet access, and 

(3) tech support

Not sure you qualify? Already connected? Need a device? Whether you answered YES or NO to any of these questions, please scroll down totake the 2-minute survey to help us confirm your status

Additional Information:

*#OaklandUndivided (#OU) is a partnership between the City of Oakland, the Oakland Unified School District, Tech Exchange, the Oakland Public Education Fund, and the Oakland Promise. Since the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered campuses in March 2020, #OU has distributed over 29,000 laptops, 10,000 hotspots, and responded to over 10,000 tech support requests from students and families. Together, we increased connectivity of students from low-income backgrounds from 12% to 98% and the Mayor and Superintendent committed to ensure every qualifying student in need will continue to have home access to a computer, internet and culturally-competent tech support for the 2021-2 school year. To learn more about how to get involved or access devices for families or tech support, go to www.OaklandUndivided.org

This survey requests information about your financial status, including your Free and Reduced Price Lunch ("FRPL"), Medi-Cal, and CalFresh eligibility. #OU will not share your responses with any individual or entity outside of #OU. By completing this survey, you consent to #OU's use of your FRPL, Medi-Cal, and CalFresh response in this manner. You may decline to provide information regarding your FRPL, Medi-Cal, and CalFresh eligibility, and doing so will not affect your eligibility for FRPL, Medi-Cal, and CalFresh.

The information you enter on the survey will be shared with Tech Exchange, a fiscal sponsored project of the Oakland Public Education Fund. You can learn more about the Oakland Public Education Fund’s privacy policy here: https://www.oaklandedfund.org/privacy-policy/.  Tech Exchange and the Oakland Public Education Fund will not receive FRLP information from external sources.

If you do not wish to complete this survey, or if you do not ultimately qualify for an #OU device, you should contact your child’s school for support. All students will be provided the devices they need in order to access their education.

Tech Check Survey

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Important: The data you share in this survey is protected under the California Student Data Privacy Agreement (version 2).

Parent Information

Student Information

Note: If you have multiple Oakland students in your household, please provide information below for each student by clicking "Add another student" below.

Note: PreK students may receive tablet instead of laptop. 

Access to a COMPUTER Laptop image

Tell us about your access to a computer at home. Do NOT include tablets or readers (e.g. Kindle) in your answer.

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Tell us about your internet access at home. 

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Family Information

Answering these questions will help #OaklandUndivided direct resources to the families with the greatest need. This section is NOT required.
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